Episode 164: Steady Leadership with Coach Rich Maloney

Some call it grit. Some call it moxie or perseverance. When it comes to the game of baseball, and in becoming a living example to other coaches and players, perhaps the best word to describe Rich Maloney is “steady.” In this episode, Mike sits down with one of the coaching greats in all of college […]

Episode 163: Trusting God in Leadership with Reed Livesay

Mike sits down with Reed Livesay, CEO of Pine Cove, a Gospel-centered Christian camp with 12 locations in Texas, South Carolina, and Georgia. Reed shares his unique journey, from being a college athlete to helping startup a business in his 20’s, to finding his way to Pine Cove and expanding the reach of the organization […]

Episode 162: Awaken A Better You with BJ Thompson

Is there a change you’ve been wanting to make, but you don’t know how? Have you tried it all and still can’t figure out how to move forward? Mike welcomes author and life coach BJ Thompson to the Linch with a Leader podcast to dive into what prevents so many of us from not only […]

Episode 161: Stop Waiting for Permission with Pastor Stephen Chandler

Ever wondered what holds you back from pursuing your dreams? Or, perhaps you’re trying to figure out what your God-given purpose is in life. In this episode of the Linch with a Leader podcast, Mike sits down with Stephen Chandler, senior pastor of Union Church, to talk about the heart behind his recent book, Stop […]

Episode 160: Overcome and Lead with Auntie Anne Beiler

If you have been to a mall or shopping center in the past 35 years, you are likely familiar with Auntie Anne’s Pretzels. While you may have enjoyed some of these warm, tasty treats, you likely don’t know the story of the woman whose name has become synonymous with this franchise, which now spans 49 […]

Episode 159: Pray First with Chris Hodges

Why is prayer such an enigma for most Christians? How has prayer become more of a last resort than a first response? In this episode of Linch with a Leader, Mike sits down with Pastor Chris Hodges and dives into the heart behind his most recent book, Pray First: The Transformative Power of a Life […]

Episode 158: Parenting – Getting it Right with Andy and Sandra Stanley

Am I getting parenting right? Most parents, at any and every stage, find themselves asking this question. Mike Linch sits down with Andy and Sandra Stanley, co-authors of Parenting: Getting it Right, to dive into a subject all moms and dads encounter challenges in. No matter our family makeup or our children’s personalities, many of […]

Episode 157: The Lord Bless You with Pastor Terry Smith

Did you know that God wants to bless His children? Mike Linch welcomes back Pastor Terry Smith to the Linch with a Leader Podcast, as they dive into Terry’s latest book, The Lord Bless You. In this encouraging devotional, Terry will help you recapture God’s heart for His people and discover His extraordinary goodness in […]

Episode 156: The Word Before Work with Jordan Raynor

Mike Linch welcomes back author and podcaster Jordan Raynor to the Linch with a Leader Podcast, as they discuss Jordan’s latest book, The Word Before Work, a Monday-Friday devotional to help you find eternal purpose in your daily work. Through his bestselling books, the Mere Christians podcast, and his weekly devotionals, Jordan has helped millions […]

Episode 155: Finding Your Genius with Patrick Lencioni

Do you realize what special gifts and talents you bring to the table in your occupation each and every day? Conversely, can you articulate what frustrates you most in your job? Mike Linch digs in with Patrick Lencioni, one of the greatest modern day authors on organizational health to talk about his latest release, The […]