Episode 185: Lessons from the Valley with Pastor Brady Boyd

It’s time to welcome Pastor of New Life Church, Brady Boyd, to Linch with a Leader. In this episode, Mike and Brady have a conversation that pertains to us all. How do we keep going when it feels life is against us? Pastor Brady shares not only his background, but the lessons he walked away […]

Episode 184: Finding My Way Home with John Houston

It’s time to welcome CEO and author, John Houston, to Linch with a Leader.  In this episode, Mike and John discuss his upbringing, how it’s shaped his journey, and what ‘Finding My Way Home’ means to him. Welcome to the Linch with a Leader Podcast, where you’re invited to join the spiritual principles behind big […]

Episode 183: Building Excellence with Horst Schulze

It’s time to welcome Founder, Chairman & CEO of the Capella Hotel Group, and Co-founder & Former COO of The Ritz-Carlton Group, Horst Schulze, to Linch with a Leader.  In this episode, Mike and Horst dig into what it looks like to truly build and sustain excellence, no matter your industry. Welcome to the Linch […]

Episode 182: Managing Leadership Anxiety with Steve Cuss

It’s time to welcome pastor and founder of Capable Life, Steve Cuss, to Linch with a Leader.  In this episode, Mike and Steve discuss leadership anxiety, and tools to help overcome the battle that wages within the minds of many.Welcome to the Linch with a Leader Podcast, where you’re invited to join the spiritual principles behind […]

Episode 181: Real Winning with Athletic Director Kelly Wells

It’s time to welcome Morehead State University Athletic Director, Kelly Wells, to Linch with a Leader.  At the filming of this episode, Kelly Wells was the athletic director and former men’s basketball coach at the University of Pikeville, where he found incredible success taking the university to new heights.  In this episode, Mike and Kelly […]

Episode 180: The Discipled Leader with Preston Poore

It’s time to welcome industry expert, speaker, coach, and author Preston Poore, to the podcast.  Preston shares his wisdom and experience from his time at companies such as The Coca-Cola Company and The Hershey Company, and the shift that happened within his own life that ultimately led him to writing, ‘The Discipled Leader.’ Welcome to the […]

Episode 179: The One Truth with Jon Gordon

Jon Gordon

What are the keys to mental toughness? What are the keys to high performance? What are the keys to being a great team? Mike welcomes back author and speaker Jon Gordon to answer these questions and share principles from his latest book, “The One Truth: Elevate Your Mind, Unlock Your Power, Heal Your Soul.” According […]

Episode 178: Anything is Possible with Pastor Joby Martin

What happens when the unexplainable intersects the undeniable? Miracles are impossible. They defy explanation. They can’t be real. And yet, miracles surround us every day. In this episode, Mike welcomes back pastor and author Joby Martin to talk through his newest book, Anything is Possible. Joby, who serves Lead Pastor of The Church of Eleven22, examines […]

Episode 177: Building an Extraordinary Team Culture with Jenni Catron

What does it take to take your business or organization’s culture to the next level? Do the team members under your leadership know ‘who they are’ and what the organizational mission is? In this week’s episode of Linch with a Leader, Mike sits down with author, speaker, and executive church leader Jenni Catron to discuss […]

Episode 176: The Power of Customer Experience with Elizabeth Dixon

The customer experience can make or break a business, and but regardless of your role within an organization, you can play a significant role. Whether you’re the boss calling the shots, the employee making it happen, or the intern just starting out in your field, you’re uniquely positioned right where you are to make an […]