Yesterday at NorthStar we began a new series entitled “Win the Day” which is all about how to live a life that counts!  Our lives are truly a compilation of the individual days we live all put together.  Therefore, if we can win every day individually, we can live a winning life!   I believe that a winning life is one that “abides in Him”.  In John 15, Jesus lays out that our job is to stay connected to Him and let Him work through us!  Sounds easy, but I think we all know that it is much more difficult than it sounds!!!

As is true in any competition, there are always things that stand in our way of achieving what God has planned for us!    Two of the biggest enemies that we all face are “distractions” and “discouragement”.  We set out to “abide” but then find our mind wandering and then chasing things that are put in front of us!  This can be a ton of things but what I can assure you is that all of those things can wait a few minutes while you “connect with the vine”!   The other enemy is discouragement, we think we are doing all of the right things but things aren’t working out and we get discouraged.  I have seen the enemy use these two things in my life more than anything else!!

I pray that you commit today to “WIN the DAY!!  If you don’t know where to start, here is a link to our NorthStar devotional, Digging Deeper, where you can get a daily guide to help you abide!

Win the Day!