Timing is everything….Great things & great ideas started at the wrong time just don’t make it!  They are forgotten and shelved in the world of “mistakes” when in fact, they may have been great but the “time” was not right for them yet!

I have been asked a ton of times about what God has done at NorthStar through the years and what are the “secrets” to it….one of the things that I always go back to was the “timing” of when it started!  It was the right time and the right place!  Timing was critical….there was a movement of people that were praying for a church like NStar and I believe that God heard their prayers and laid it on our hearts and then had people in our community ready for what was to come!  There is no doubt – we could have started five years later or earlier and not seen what we have seen over the years!

One of the men who has shaped my life and tons of other leaders was a gentleman named Ron Dunn who was an incredible bible teacher.  Here is what he said about timing, hope it helps you as much as it helped me!

“With God, timing is more important than time”

Good stuff!!!