I am a pretty safe person by nature……I do not normally step into the things that I think I may not be good at!  One of my downfalls, is if I can’t be the best at something, I hang out on the sidelines and cheer on others.  Never snow skied, water skied or even played real round of golf (tried twice and called it quits)….Well, all of those I have tried and was not good at the first time and never picked them back up….I feel pretty athletic overall but I despise when I am not good right away at something!  Having played college baseball and being around tons of other sports, I normally rest back on the things that I am naturally good at.

That is okay for the hobbies of life…..but I wonder, how many opportunities I have missed spiritually because I did not want to fail.  How many times was God waiting to show up and fill in the “faith gap” but I left Him no gap to fill in?  

How about you??