I meet very few people in the world that I walk in that are on a journey in leadership!  We all desire to be the best we can be to lead the people & teams that have been put around us!  However, we always do not know what it means to be a “spiritual leader” and how we can use the position & influence that God has given us to help others find their place in God’s plan as well!

This past year I have been on a journey with 20+ key community & church leaders on a discovery of what it means to lead God’s way!  It has been humbling and challenging to see these men look at leadership through a different lense.  I love how Richard & Henry Blackaby define spiritual leadership when they say that “leadership is moving people on to God’s agenda and not just our own”!  Love that!!

The new “Linch with a Leader” podcast is designed to show that there are TONS of incredible leaders in all walks of life leading with their faith out in front!  My passion is see thousands of great leaders become God’s leaders in the place that God has them!!

Excited for this incredible journey in discovering leadership in a new way!!!!