Every coach that I ever played for through the years had his own way of doing things.  Some coaches just emulated what they had seen their coaches do,  but then there were a few that were unique and they knew their:  players, program & environment so well!  Everything they did had purpose & meaning and when you played in their system, you knew your role & what part you were playing!  These guys seemed to get so more out of you because you knew what they were shooting for!

Yesterday, our team got to spend a few hours with Andy Stanley from North Point!  Everyone knows Andy to be one of America’s greatest communicators, but after some time with him….he is so much more!  He spent time breaking down their system for us and sharing why they do what they do.  I left there knowing…Andy knows his:  players, program & environment as good or better than anyone that I have ever met!  

My challenge as a leader is to articulate our system better so that our NStar team knows “why” we do what we do!  I want us to be our very best so we can be focused on reaching this community that God has called us to reach!

Thanks Andy for being a coach not only to your North Point team but also to us and so many others!