I have been off the field long enough and in coaching to see games where your team executes to the point you realize that talent & heart took over and outpaced your coaching!  You sit there as a coach and know that you will get some of the credit for the victory but in reality, you did not have a lot to do with it!

Yesterday was one of those days at NorthStar where the “play” of the team was greater than anything I could have “coached” or “led” them to do!  I sat down at home last night after the long day and looked back over all I had just experienced  and was so proud of our NStar team!  Here are a few highlights:

I love our staff team that I serve with daily……they are so amazing at what they do!  I love them not only because they are “all-stars” at what they do but they have incredible hearts and have not forgotten why “they do what they do”!

I love our church…..the more they are challenged to give, the greater the response!  I have never seen a place that loves to give so much!!  The most self-less group of people that I have ever met!!

I have never been more proud!