So many times in life we feel like we have to accomplish something spectacular and the reality is, the best things we do are usually the routine one’s!  Every time we put a young player on the field, we always say, “you don’t have to make the ESPN play, just make the one hit at you”….

Reality is, most of us will never be known far outside our church & community, and it will be the routine things of life that we did well that people will remember us for!  Being there for the bad times & good times of their lives…being the person that walks in when everyone else is walking out….knowing that they could count on you when it seemed like there was no one else to count on…Simple routine things that really do separate you from everyone else!  You may get your big break one day and the world may know who you are but I bet that break will come after years of doing the right thing and the routine “plays”!

Make your prayer today, “God, I pray that I never miss any opportunity, small or big, to be your hands & feet in someone else’s life”………If you do that, you will be a winner!!

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