One of the things that drove me absolutely crazy as  player and now as a coach of young men was when a player on the field wants to “coach” his teammates rather than “encourage” his teammates!  Every time I met with my new team each year, this is one of the first things that I covered.  Why is it such a big deal….each one creates an environment, “coaching” by other players creates a hostile environment where players don’t trust each other and “encouraging” creates a positive environment where you have room to fail and help to succeed!!!  The team always was reminded that we would take care of the coaching and they could take of the playing & encouraging…..

As a leader in church and leading a staff, the same holds so true!  No one likes for someone else to tell them how to do their joDSC_0325b better or to criticize their efforts behind their back!  If people/teams will focus on what God has called them to do and encourage their teammates and help them, great things will happen….a great environment will be created and not only will it affect the atmosphere in the office but people will feel it on Sunday mornings!  Proper coaching has to be done but it has to be done by the proper people to be positive!

We have been so blessed at NStar over the past 12+ years to have a great environment….why…we have a great team that models it Monday – Friday and our people get to experience it on Sunday!!!