I am going to shoot to start a series of post  and how we can take lessons from the “field” and apply it to things that we are going through in life.  There are so many correlations between the things that we face daily and the things that are gleaned from the time we spend competing on the field, court or diamond.  I hope that these lessons learned in over 18 years of ministry and 30+ years in athletics will help you as you make the trip through life!

Lesson 1:

There is never a time to take a play off………

So many times in life, we lose focus and take a play off and that one play off can prove disastrous for our future!  It is crazy to think that we can spend our lives trying to build something and one “play off” we can destroy with one decision all that we have worked on through the years!  I am reading today about a great ESPN analyst, who through some personal choices & decisions may lose his family & career…..So sad but so common!

Whatever you are doing in life – stay focused and don’t take any “plays off”……I promise you,  you may feel cheated at the time, but long term , you will live a life of no regrets!