Episode 98: Toni Nieuwhof



In Episode 98 Mike sits down with Toni Nieuwhof to talk about her newest book Before You Split.  Toni Nieuwhof is a family law mediator and former divorce attorney. She is the wife of Carey Nieuwhof, who is an influential leadership author, podcast host, and international speaker. Toni and Carey often speak publicly about their marriage of more than three decades. In her downtime, Toni enjoys outdoor sports and spending time with Carey, their two grown sons, and their extended family and friends.

In this conversation, Mike and Toni talk about the stresses and strains of marriage but also the hidden benefits of staying together and “working” it out!  Toni brings such a great perspective not only as a family law mediator but also as a church planter’s spouse.  No matter where you find yourself, this conversation will be incredibly powerful for you to hear & share!

Website:  Toni Nieuwhof
Book Order:  Before You Split
Twitter:  @toninieuwhof 
Instagram:  @toninieuwhof