Episode 75: Brad Lomenick



In this episode of Linch with a Leader, Mike sits down with a leader of leaders, Brad Lomenick.  Brad made his name with the Catalyst movement and spent over 12 years helping to pour into this young generation of leaders.  He interviewed such outstanding leaders such as Malcom Gladwell, Simon Sinek, Rick Warren, Dave Ramsey among many others!  Prior to his time with Catalyst, Brad made his name with Life@Work Magazine and did management consulting for the Cornerstone Group.  Currently Brad is still convening leaders and doing consulting through Blinc consulting!  Brad has authored two books – The Catalyst Leader and H3 Leadership.

Mike & Brad talk about not only leadership now but where it is going in this coming generation!  No matter what part of leadership you find yourself in, Mike’s conversation with Brad will help you become in becoming the leader that God created you to be!

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