Episode 54: Rachel Baribeau



This weeks podcast is with Rachel Baribeau. Rachel is a graduate of the Auburn University Broadcast Journalism program and has become a master at her craft.  She has been featured on national broadcast such as Fox Sports, ESPN, CBS Sports, Yahoo and Sirius XM.   Whether a field reporter and host of the College Football National Playoff game or working NASCAR, Rachel bring passage and energy!  She is known by many as the “SEC-ologist” for her vast knowledge of SEC football and was the first female host of SiriusXM ESPNU.

Her most recent work away is called “Changing the Narrative”.   Since August of 2016, she has visited 35+ institutions talking to young athletes about being Kings and Queens through purpose.

In this episode, Mike explores not only Rachel’s life journey but also her faith that has been her sustaining force!


Link to Rachel Baribeau: www.rachelbaribeau.com

Link to Changing the Narrative: www.imchangingthenarrative.org/