Episode 47: Darleen Santore



This week’s podcast features Darleen Santore.

Darleen Santore, also known as “Coach Dar” is a Board Certified Occupational Therapist, business executive, author and speaker.  She started out as an occupational therapist working with a variety of different clients.  While she was working her way up in the management world living in Nashville, she suffered a stroke at the age of 25.  It changed her world and her own faith, as she then stepped out and began her own practice.  She now helps individuals, corporate executives, and professional teams and athletes become the best that she can be.  She has also made a stamp in the game of basketball, as she was awarded the “Most Inspiring Woman from WNBA.”

In this episode, Mike Linch and Darleen Santore talk about her background and how she got into her career, the setback she faced, dealing with adversity,

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