Episode 43: Rachel Cruze



This week’s podcast features member of the Dave Ramsey Team, Rachel Cruze.

Rachel Cruze is currently a member of the Dave Ramsey Speaker’s Group, and a New York Time Best-Selling author.  She learned the idea of handling money properly at an early age and began to share that message and those principles with teenagers and young adults all across the country.  She authored a book entitled, Smart Money Smart Kids, that was co-authored with her father, Dave Ramsey, and achieved the top spot on the 2014 New York Times Best Seller list.  She also wrote a book in 2016, called Love Your Life, Not Theirs: 7 Money Habits for Living the Life You Want.  She is also the host of the online web show, The Rachel Cruze Show.

In this episode, Mike Linch talks with Rachel Cruze, about what she thought she’d do as a kid, the things that her parents did right, the way her relationship with Christ has influenced her life, what she wished every person knew about their money, and being content.

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