[BONUS] Episode 33: Andy Revella



This month’s podcast features Andy Revella.

Andy has been working in the food service industry for over 40 years of his life.  He has been in and out of restaurants his entire life.  He owned several restaurants early on in his career, but was ready to take on the opportunity with a big company and joined Bennigan’s as an assistant manager.  After six months he was promoted and placed in charge of the entire state of California where the company was struggling.  He quickly turned things around and was honored with one of only four creative excellence awards in Pillsbury’s 60 year history.  He has been climbing the ladder in the restaurant world ever since working at not only Bennigan’s, but has also been a part of the groups with Rain Forest Café and Harrah’s Worldwide.

In this episode, Mike Linch talks with Andy Revella, about how his faith has played a role in his  life and career, how he got his start in the restaurant industry, and some of the lessons that he has learned from the food business along the way.

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