Episode 25: Chris Goede



This month’s podcast features the Vice President of Client Success for The John Maxwell Company, Chris Goede.

Chris is the Vice President of Client Success for The John Maxwell Company.  Growing up between Ohio and Florida, Chris began to excel on the athletic field and earned a football scholarship to Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.  While at Liberty, he studied sport management and business, but went on to play in the Canadian Football League for a few seasons.   Afterwards, Chris began to launch and lead fast growing startup companies in the real estate and manufacturing world.  In his current role with The John Maxwell Company, Chris’ role is to “guide corporate clientele through the process of leadership discovery by leveraging his organization’s proprietary suite of solutions.”

In this episode, Mike Linch talks with Chris about his college experience, sports background and how that has translated to the business world, how learning influences the role of a leader, how his faith has influenced not only his job but his personal life, what he has learned from John Maxwell, and some common traits of the most successful leaders.


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