Episode 23: Chris Brown



This month’s podcast features the well-known pastor and speaker, Chris Brown.

Chris is located in Tennessee, and currently serves as a member of the Dave Ramsey team.  Before joining Ramsey in 2014, he was known for his work in the church serving as a pastor and speaker.  However, he also had a background in business and real estate that played a role in his success as a campus pastor.  He managed the churches multi-million dollar budget that had eight different campuses and over 12,000 members.  With the Dave Ramsey team, Chris communicates to audiences the importance of stewardship through a biblical perspective.  He also helps them to understand that stewardship extends from not only finances but to other important roles such as marriages and parenting.  He also has a podcast entitled Life Money Hope with Chris Brown.

In this episode, Mike Linch talks with Chris about not only his background, but the role he plays with the Dave Ramsey team, the importance of stewardship in our personal lives, and the role his spiritual walk plays in the entire journey.


Links about Chris Brown: