Episode 20: Kevin Burrell



This month’s podcast features former professional baseball player, and Chicago White Sox scout, Kevin Burrell .

Kevin was born and raised in southern California.  He jumped onto the baseball scene at Poway High School, and become a first-round pick of the Boston Red Sox in the 1981 MLB draft.  During his playing career, he spent time with not only the Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, San Francisco Giants, and Kansas City Royals organizations.  He made it all the way to AAA with both the Giants and Royals.  Once his playing career was over in 1992, he was not out of the game long, and he began to climb the ranks as a scout in professional baseball.  Since then he has been the one to draft a multitude of current and former players who spent time in the major leagues.

In this episode, our host, Mike Linch, has a conversation with Kevin Burrell about not only his playing career, but the tools needed to be a great scout, the role character plays in the development of an athlete, some of the players he has had a role in drafting, and how his faith plays a vital role in all that he does; including living out what God is calling him to do.

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