Episode 19: Dr. Sam Chand



This month’s podcast features author, speaker, and leadership consultant, Dr. Samuel Chand.

Dr. Chand was born in India and raised in a Pastor’s home, and equipped him from an early age to be around leadership development.  In1973, he became a student at Beulah Heights Bible College where he served as a janitor, cook, and dishwasher at the school.  Dr. Chand went on to become a youth pastor and senior pastor, before returning to Beulah Heights in 1989 to become the President Emeritus of the school.  Under his leadership, it became the country’s largest predominantly African-American Bible College.  Dr. Chand has also gone on to become a leadership consultant to pastors and business leaders, and he has authored eleven books along the way.  His expertise and background in the world of leadership has him at the forefront of the community at this time.

In this episode, our host, Mike Linch, has a conversation with Dr. Sam Chand about his background in leadership, the leadership style of Jesus, leadership styles he sees in church and in business, and the vision he had as he authored some of his latest books.

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