Episode 165: Inspired Every Day with Kevin Scott



We’ve all heard that inspiration matters in life. But can inspiration be measured? And what true effects does inspiration have on our performance in life – work, athletics, in the classroom? Mike welcomes back entrepreneur and author Kevin Scott to talk through the principles behind his new book, Inspired Every Day. According to what Kevin has uncovered in his research on the topic, the genius of a flashbulb moment happens much more often when a person has developed a lifestyle that blends three indispensable ingredients: a purpose to live for, a problem to tackle, and a partnership with likeminded people. One or two won’t do. It takes all three. Listen in, as Kevin shares his heart behind the book – and see how inspiration can truly transform you or your organization.

About Kevin:
Kevin Paul Scott has traveled to six continents and spoken to leaders from more than 100 countries. Kevin is the co-founder of ADDO, a leadership consultancy based in Atlanta, Georgia. ADDO exists to inspire people today to impact tomorrow. In addition to working with businesses and brands, ADDO has developed the national Chick-fil-A Leader Academy program, the Atlanta Braves Leadership Institute, and other leadership programs from cradle-through-career.  Kevin has been named to the “40 under 40” lists for Georgia Trend and the Atlanta Business Chronicle. In addition to Inspired Every Day, he has authored three books: The Lens of Leadership, 8 Essential Exchanges, and The Lepers’ Lessons.

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