Episode 16: Chris Hogan



This month’s podcast features Chris Hogan, who is a part of the Dave Ramsey team.

Chris Hogan received his undergraduate degree from Georgetown College in Georgetown, Kentucky, where he was a star on the football team as he became an All-American.   After graduating from college, he transitioned to the coaching side of football while completing his graduate degree. Chris found lots of success in the business world, as he climbed the ladder becoming the vice president of a prestigious company.  However, Chris felt the call to do more than sit behind his desk, and watch clients struggle with their finances.  Shortly thereafter, he connected with Dave Ramsey and a new career opportunity emerged.  Now, Chris helps spread the message of financial hope to audiences all over the country.  He is an expert on subjects like mortgages, healthcare, and investing.  Chris Hogan is also considered one of America’s leading voices regarding retirement, and has authored the book Retire Inspired.

In this episode, our host, Mike Linch, has a discussion with Chris Hogan about the leadership lessons he took away from his time playing collegiate football, his incredible story that led to meeting Dave Ramsey, the lessons America needs to learn about retirement, and the correlation he sees between financial freedom and spiritual leadership.


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