Episode 159: Pray First with Chris Hodges



Why is prayer such an enigma for most Christians? How has prayer become more of a last resort than a first response? In this episode of Linch with a Leader, Mike sits down with Pastor Chris Hodges and dives into the heart behind his most recent book, Pray First: The Transformative Power of a Life Built on Prayer. Chris has spent years studying the prayers of the Bible and the models of prayer that the scriptures provide for Christians. Now, he shares with readers the teachings and methods he’s used to successfully help hundreds of thousands of people understand how to spend time in conversation with God–and enjoy every minute.

Chris Hodges is the founding and senior pastor of Church of the Highlands. Since it began in 2001, Highlands has grown to have campuses across the state of Alabama, and we’re known for our life-giving culture and focus on leading people to an intimate relationship with God.

Pastor Chris has a deep passion for developing leaders and planting life-giving churches. He co-founded ARC (Association of Related Churches) in 2001, which has launched hundreds of churches across the United States. He also founded Grow, specializing in training and resourcing pastors and churches to help them break barriers and reach their growth potential. Chris is also the founder and Chancellor of Highlands College, a ministry training school that trains and launches students into full-time ministry careers.

Chris and his wife Tammy have five children and live in Birmingham, Alabama, where Church of the Highlands began. He speaks at conferences worldwide and is the author of Coming Out of the Cave, Fresh Air, Four Cups, The Daniel Dilemma, and What’s Next?.

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