Episode 157: The Lord Bless You with Pastor Terry Smith



Did you know that God wants to bless His children? Mike Linch welcomes back Pastor Terry Smith to the Linch with a Leader Podcast, as they dive into Terry’s latest book, The Lord Bless You. In this encouraging devotional, Terry will help you recapture God’s heart for His people and discover His extraordinary goodness in your life right now. You will learn how much God wants to bless you, but also how to receive blessing, how to bring blessing to the world around you, and how blessing leads to the discovery of your true purpose.

About Terry Smith:
Terry A. Smith has served as Lead Pastor of The Life Christian Church (TLCC) for thirty-one years.  TLCC, a non-denominational faith community with campuses in West Orange, New Jersey and Online, is known for its vibrant diversity and robust leadership culture. A gifted communicator, Terry speaks in a variety of venues nationally and internationally and is the author of Live Ten: Jump-Start the Best Version of Your Life, The Hospitable Leader: Create Environments Where People and Dreams Flourish, andThe Lord Bless You: A 28-Day Journey to Experience God’s Extravagant Blessings.

Terry’s Books

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Twitter and Instagram: @terry_a_smith