Episode 153: Aspiring Leaders with Clay Scroggins



What does the future look like for the next generation of leaders? In this week’s episode, Mike sits down with Clay Scroggins to talk through principles from his latest book, “The Aspiring Leader’s Guide to the Future.” According to Clay, you don’t have to be a young entrepreneur with big dreams or someone looking to land a leadership role to be considered an aspiring leader. You are one now. And by developing your skills for the future, you can become today’s version of a leader worth following.

In addition to his latest release, Clay Scroggins has also authored How to Leader When You’re Not in Charge and How to Lead in a World of Distraction. His passion is organizational leadership – not just CEOs – but to help develop aspiring leaders within the organization. Clay offers personal coaching, and also loves to lead group (peer-to-peer) sessions to grow leaders and help them overcome challenges. Clay also co-hosts a leadership podcast with Adam Tarnow entitled “How to Lead.”

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