Episode 144: Change Has Changed with Dr. Sam Chand



Dr. Sam Chand becomes Mike’s first three-peat guest, as they discuss Dr. Chand’s most recent book, “Change Has Changed.” The pace of change was accelerating before, according to Dr. Chand. But the pandemic pressed the pedal to the floor. In his new book, Sam sets out to help leaders understand the evolving nature of change so that they can guide their organizations with wisdom and confidence. He examines three major shifts that he likens to three simultaneous earthquakes:

  • Our environment has changed.
  • We have changed.
  • The people around us have changed.

More about Dr. Chand:
Sam Chand is a former Pastor, college President, Chancellor and now serves as President Emeritus of Beulah Heights University. In this season of his life, Sam Chand does one thing—Leadership. His singular vision for his life is to Help Others Succeed. Sam consults with large churches and businesses on leadership and capacity enhancing issues,  and has been named in the top-30 global Leadership Gurus list. He is the Founder & President of Dream Releaser Coaching and Dream Releaser Media & Publishing.

Twitter: @samchand

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