Episode 13: Randy Gravitt



This month’s podcast features the founder of inteGrREAT, and speaker/author, Randy Gravitt.

Randy Gravitt describes himself as a C.E.O. (Chief Encouragement Officer), who is looking to help leaders grow.  After attending seminary, he began teaching and coaching at a local Christian school.  He then went on staff at Crossroads Church in Newnan, Georgia.  Since then his career in the leadership industry has taken off.  Not only has he authored and become a keynote speaker, but he created inteGREAT Leadership, which helps organizations create a culture of leadership that is built off of integrity.  Through this, he has worked with organizations such as: Chick-fil-A, Advocare, Arrow Exterminators, the WinShape Foundation, Georgia Southern University, and the Pittsburgh Pirates.

In this episode, Mike Linch talks with Randy Gravitt about the journey that has led him to this leadership platform he now has through inteGREAT.  Throughout the discussion, Randy talks about the intangibles he sees that make certain leaders great, how leaders apply leadership to all aspects of their lives, tips for young leaders, and resources that Randy uses to grow as a leader.


Links mentioned in the episode:

 Finding Your Way: Discovering the Truth About You by Dan Webster and Randy Gravitt

Follow Randy Gravitt on Twitter 

Great Leaders Grow by Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller 

InteGREAT Leadership application

Mindset by Carol Dweck

Necessary Endings by Henry Cloud 

Randy Gravitt’s Website

Unstuck by Dan Webster and Randy Gravitt