Episode 128: From Paycheck to Purpose with Ken Coleman



Mike sits down with Ken Coleman of Ramsey Solutions to discuss Ken’s new book, “From Paycheck to Purpose: The Clear Path to Doing Work You Love.” Ken is America’s Career Coach, is a national bestselling author, and host of The Ken Coleman Show. Ken helps people discover what they were born to do and provides practical steps to make their dream job a reality. The Ken Coleman Show is a nationally syndicated, caller-driven show that helps listeners who are searching for something more out of their career.

In From Paycheck to Purpose, Ken draws on what he learned from his own ten-year journey, as well as from coaching thousands of others, to walk you through the seven stages to discovering and doing work that gives you both a great income AND big impact.

Connect with Ken on Twitter at @KenColeman, on Instagram at @KenColemanShow, and online at kencoleman.com or facebook.com/kenColemanShow.