Episode 122: Leading Uniquely with Bryan Coley



In today’s episode, Mike sits down with leader & story-teller Bryan Coley.  Bryan is the Chief Imagination Officer of Reel Experiences in Atlanta, Ga.  Bryan used his love & background in film to create a space to help people learn leadership through movies!

Bryan said it this way,  “After 20 years working with playwrights and screenwriters, I decided to try out our story development methodologies on “regular people” and that birthed a revolutionary idea called REEL EXPERIENCES. Now, we help corporate teams connect thru their favorite movies, allowing them to see themselves and each other more clearly. During this time of disconnection, we’ve found a way to create REEL connections.”

Mike & Bryan walk back into his story and unpack where he is today!  This episode is an amazing one and you will be challenged to lead with your “unique” leadership voice!

Social Media: LinkedIn – Bryan Coley
Company Website: Reel Experiences

Bryan’s Leadership Journey