Episode 113: Leading Leaders with Bill Purvis



In episode 113 of Linch with a Leader, Mike sits with Bill Purvis who is a best-selling author, coach, and speaker.  Bill began as a pastor to a church of 32 people on Easter Sunday and guided this ministry at Cascade Hills Church to exceeding over 10,000 people in attendance for the last 5 Easter services of his leadership. Since 2015, Cascade Hills Church has baptized a new believer every single day of the week.

Bill has been growing leaders for over 36 years. He is the founder of BP Leadership, a leadership development company that provides monthly leadership material for personal growth to people all around the world and has done so for the past 17 years. The company has also launched its very own podcast, The BP Leadership Podcast, on all major streaming services.

Bill has had the honor of being selected to speak at his friend and mentor, John C. Maxwell’s “Challenge 1000” for two years. You also may have seen him on Fox & Friends, USA Radio Network “Point of View”, 100 Huntley Street, and The Leon Show International, to name a few.
He has been a guest speaker at the following corporate events; Restaurant Concepts, Inc., Goodwill Industries International, and many more. He also has been featured in Solutions Magazine, Shattered, Charisma, and others.

His books The Emotion Driven Life, Pray for Your Pastor, and Make a Break For It have all been widely read, with the latter one being a best seller.

Bill’s main career goal is to add value to people’s lives by providing proven leadership and life tools as well as pouring his passion for leadership into others.

In this episode, Mike will talk with Bill not about leadership but how Jesus has led him each step of the way!  Buckle up for this powerful episode!

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