Episode 102: Davey Blackburn



On this episode of Linch with a Leader, Mike sits down with author, speaker & podcast host, Davey Blackburn, to talk about his journey.  Davey is the host of the wildly popular podcast, Nothing is Wasted, where he shares not only his journey of grief & hope but also shares the stories of others who have found that God never waste their pain.

Davey found himself walking into a nightmare in 2015. He was pastoring a growing church and building his life with his wife Amanda and their son, Weston. Tragedy struck Davey and Weston in an unimaginable way when Davey lost his pregnant wife of seven years, Amanda, during a home invasion. Amanda was shot three times in their home on November 10th, 2015, passing away in the hospital just 24 hours later.

Through this journey of pain and healing, Nothing is Wasted Ministries was born, and today Mike will talk with Davey about he not only made it through but how God is using his story to help thousands of others!

You do not want to miss this conversation! You will laugh, cry, be challenged but most of all be encouraged that God will never waste your story!

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