The Difference of Spiritual Leadership

September 20, 2017

I have a passion to see people become not just great leaders but “spiritual leaders”.  Here are a few things that separate spiritual leaders from other leaders:

Spiritual Leaders

  •  want your best not just their advancement
  •  are focused on an eternal picture not just an earthly one
  •  recognize that they are just part of a bigger story
  • are more focused on moving people to God’s agenda not just their own (Blackaby)
  • passionate about who people can be not just who they are
  • understand humility comes from their relationship with the Lord not just something that they try & manufacture
  • hungry for God’s best in each situation even if it means it is a tough season for them
  • “love others like themselves” – they have incredible people smarts from their ability to put themselves in other people shoes!

My prayer is that we grow MORE spiritual leaders who make a MARK in the positions that the Lord has put them in!!!

Excited to learn on the journey with you!

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