Rearview Mirror

April 1, 2009
  • Life is a blur right now!
  • Enjoyed a weekend at home with no baseball…with all of the rain, we laid low and enjoyed the time together as a family!
  • Great Sunday at NStar!  
  • Continued “Marked” series – we were in week 7 on “peacemaking”!  
  • Great lesson of morning was that God is looking for not “peace lovers” or “peace givers” but those that walk in a room and can change the whole atmosphere by their presence!  They are truly “reconcilers” and the world notices and calls them “Sons of God”…..Sure pray I get there one day!
  • Great worship with the band, singers & choir!  Loved it!! 
  • Used a new song “Stronger” from Hillsongs… was super solid!  Loved the tune!
  • Big crowds & ton of energy!
  • Had 20+ people pray to be “reconciled” to God at the 11am service!!  Jesus was the ultimate reconciler and He came to reconcile the world to His father in Heaven!!
  • This week is off to a crazy start – trying to cram a ton so we can enjoy a week off for “Spring Break” next week!
  • Speaking on Thursday at a church planters workshop in Conyers with my good buddy Russ Butcher!  Look forward to being with those guys!
  • We are having our follow up security meeting this week – things are coming together and we will have all of our bases covered!
  • Had a great lunch with Brian Dodd last week!  Brian is with “Injoy Stewardship Services” and is one the best thinkers that I have now of out there!  Every time I am with him – he stretches me & grows me! Thanks Brian for being you!
  • Had breakfast with Ira Blumenthal…..Ira is an amazing leader and one of the most fascinating guys I know!!  He has been one of Coke’s key consultants for 20+ years and travels across America working in “branding” for companies!!  He is also current President of the Captain Planet Foundation for Ted Turner.  Everytime I with Ira, I always leave learning something!!  
  • This past weekend, our NStar family gave over 600+ bags that were delivered to MUST ministries to give out to people over Easter!!  I am so proud of our incredible church!!!
  • I am the most blessed man in the world!!!  I love my life!

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