Rearview Mirror

April 29, 2009

“We live life forward but we understand it as we look backwards”  Charles Swindoll

  • Incredible 2nd week of our Villain series!  Great crowds, in spite of the gorgeous weather outside!!  We are averaging a couple of hundred more this year than we did this time last year!
  • The energy in the room was HUGE – something is really clicking with our people in worship!
  • I have never been more challenged in a series we have done…..I can feel the “thickness” in the air from the time I arrive until the time I leave on Sundays!  The Villain does not want people to know how he works and how he only has 3 ways to come against people…
  • “The Gathering” that Daniel & the team did on Friday night was solid!!  I cannot believe that our team is producing 2 incredible worship CD’s every year….they blow me away!!  The CD is amazing!!  Make sure & visit our site and order you a copy!!
  • Met with a good friend last week who has kept up with NStar from the early days and it was so good to sit and re-tell the story with him and let him challenge us to keep dreaming big!  Love it!
  • Anne’s car died last week (transmission & clutch) – big $$$…called my Randy at Carl Black where I bought it and he reminded me that we had bought an extended warranty!!  Thank you Jesus – $100 deductible and the car is getting fixed!!  What huge news that was!!
  • The Bucs baseball team is getting ready to wrap up our first season – I am so proud of the guys and how they have played!!  Casey has pitched a ton lately and done really good!!  I will say this, it was easier to pitch than to sit & watch your son do it!  Your 9th grade boy out there against 17 & 18 year old Juniors & Seniors in a Varsity game is a crazy feeling!!
  • Casey turned 15 on Monday and then went & got his learners driving permit today…..He drove part of the way back to school and home from baseball practice.  What a weird feeling to be riding with your son who in your mind is still a little boy!!!
  • Had an amazing time in our Executive study today – one of our guys accepted Christ during the study!!!  AWESOME!!!
  • I can’t get over what an amazing team I serve with at NStar – It blows me away to see how God is using them & their lives!  I love serving with them more than they will ever know!
  • Dr. Jack Llewellyn & I have a book coming out together soon (Tools for your Spiritual Journey) – it is a re-publish of his (Winning Sure Beats Losing) with some chapter additions from the life of Paul!  I am so pumped and I am praying that God is going to use this book in huge ways!  I will keep you posted about when the book comes out!

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