Rearview Mirror

March 23, 2009
  • Great weekend!  Something about nice weather that just makes life seem better!
  • Celebrated MM’s birthday!  Of course, a birthday for a 12 year old is not a one day event but a weekend affair!!  However – I love it – wouldn’t trade it for the world!
  • Bucs baseball went 1-1 over weekend – enjoyed going to games in the great weather!  3-5 as we continue region play this week!
  • Awesome Sunday @ NStar!!  The worship set was solid and we did baptism in the middle of all 3 Compass Services!  Loved it!!  Nothing like seeing changed lives walk across the stage and get baptized!
  • We talked about Purity in the “Marked Series”.  Not “Purity of body” but “Purity of Heart”…..having an “unmixed” heart that is able to “see God”.  I pray that we all live “what you see is what you get” lives.  To see more, go to our growth starts blog for a daily update!
  • If you missed the weekend – catch up on our NEW…….website CA & his team have done an incredible job getting this up & off the ground!!  Take a look and let me know what you think!
  • Started the day today at the office before 6am getting ready for our Managament Team meeting.  What an incredible group of leaders we have but…..their humility and love for the Lord & for NStar blows me away!   There are some guys in that room that are leaders in their industries but yet put aside “what they do” for a few minutes to use their skills to help us navigate NStar!  WOW – I am so privileged!
  • Needing to get with our local pastors and get our “United” series ready for August!  Can’t wait to connect with all of these incredible guys again as we plan for what God has in store for us!
  • Can’t wait for Wednesday to hang out with our staff team for a few minutes as we look through the month of April and all that is in store!
  • Easter is coming…… is going to be huge!!  Praying for BIG stuff!
  • This week we will be talking about “peacemaking” in the Marked series……It has been incredible pulling apart this first sermon that Jesus ever preached and seeing what it means in our lives now!

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