Great Teams

December 6, 2010

There are a lot of things that I want for NorthStar but one of the greatest things that I desire is that we are a great team!  Here are some things that I have learned about great teams…….

  • They figure out ways to get the job done when the odds are stacked against them!  It may be the score of the game or the finances of an organization – great teams figure out how to keep going when the odds are against them!
  • They are resilient – They are not always knocking people over – they are just the one’s who continue to keep getting back up….over & over!  Their resiliency wears down the competitors who come out hard & fast but can’t last the battle!
  • New stars emerge all of the time – there are some days that the “stars” don’t have their best but there is always someone waiting to come out of the shadows and take care of business
  • Excellence & Intensity are always expected – Great teams never settle for mediocrity because they all know that it is a “rut” that sometimes you cannot get out of!  There is a level of excellence & intensity that the “players” on the team have set for themselves that strive for constantly….practice/games…One play/One day can change a game or a life!  If we take one Sunday off at NorthStar – we have to remember that it maybe the only Sunday someone may have ever been in church and they deserve our best!
  • They cheer for each other! – they love to see their team-mates succeed & shine!

There are so many other traits but these are just a few that I pray we have as a we move ahead!!  Every week when I reflect back on the past one – I am so proud of the team that I get to serve with!!  New stars are always emerging and they blow me away!!!  God thank you for sending these amazing people into my life!

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