Episode 87: Jamy Bechler

In this episode of “Linch with a Leader” Mike sits down with Coach Jamy Bechler. Jamy is a professional speaker, leadership trainer and executive business coach who works with teams ranging from major corporations to... Read More

Episode 85: David Hodge

In this episode of Linch with a Leader Mike sits down with David Hodge.  David Hodge is founder and president of Anchor Leadership, an organization dedicated to encouraging and equipping business and ministry leaders. For over 25 years, David... Read More

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Spiritual Leaders are Tenacious

I have enjoyed so much my time interviewing amazing leaders about what makes them who they are!  I had the privilege of knowing Shannon Bream while in college and it has been so awesome to…


One of my biggest takeaway’s from my time with Coach Dooley was the word integrity.   It was a passion of his to have as a cornerstone for his football program bur also one that he chose…

The Difference of Spiritual Leadership

I have a passion to see people become not just great leaders but “spiritual leaders”.  Here are a few things that separate spiritual leaders from other leaders: Spiritual Leaders  want your best not just their…